Korg PA-50 Review

Features: 9
Expressiveness/Sounds: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Overall Rating: If it was stolen, well, i guess I’d be fked now wouldnt i. Compared with the PSR 1500, 2100, and I liked the Yamaha PSR3000 but it was $1800. the PA-50 was $720, so you do the math, and tell me my choice wasnt the right one. Sure the Yamaha has 128 polyphony, and backing harmonizer for vocal, and Mega Voices (for live , real sounding instruments) but hey; i just saved $1100 didnt I? I think i made the right choice, since im having a blast on it. I just cleaned up a pink floyd comfortably numb sequence, and with me playing guitar live, it was better than the live musicians i played with before. If your looking into one of these PA-50 arrangers, you wont be sorry. For the money, they are worth every dollar, and the sounds are great. Seems you will need to get used to the manual, and dicking with the controls etc.

Link (HarmonyCentral.com)

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