Korg’s TR family expands with 88 note keyboard

Korg’s TR family of keyboards has increased as they add an 88-note model with ‘authentic weighted action’.

Korg TR family

The TR family features Hyper Integrated (HI) technology as found on the acclaimed TRITON synths.

It comes with 64MB of PCM ROM, containing 470 multisamples and 518 drum samples.

It contains a new stereo-sampled, velocity-switched acoustic piano as well as ample sounds suited to dance music, with a plethora of real-world instruments in between.

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It has a 16-track sequencer on board that can store up to 200,000 notes and 200 songs.

The TR features dual polyphonic arpeggiators, whilst Korg’s Realtime Pattern Play/Recording (RPPR) function allows sequenced patterns to be triggered from individual keys.

Sampling capabilities are an optional extra.