Learning chords expedites playing the piano

Mark Miller has written an article extolling the virtues of learning basic piano chords as a way to playing recognisable tunes on the piano quickly.

How chords expedite the learning of piano:

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Teaching students how to construct and play chords is very � concept-based�.  This is not rote learning.  Rote learning is fleeting. Concepts stay with us for our entire life.  For example, once you understand that an � Augmented � chord means to raise the 5th of the chord up a half step, then you are able to form that chord at any time. Similarly, when you understand that a minor chord is the same as a major chord  except you lower the 3rd or middle note by half step, you then can � find � or form that chord at anytime.

Learning your chords are the key to playing the piano life-long!  How many times have you heard a parent say � I took piano as a kid , but can’t play a note today�.  This is as common as it is tragic.  Imagine saying � I studied arithmetic for 5 years , but I can’t add today!�.