Logic Pro 7.2 on a MacBook Pro. Drool.

Apple PR: Hi Bob. How would you like to be the first on your block to play with our new MacBook Pro?

Me: When can I have it and how long can I keep it?

Apple PR: We can have it on your desk tomorrow and you can keep it for at least a month.

Me: Sounds good to me. Send it on down and I’ll give it a try.

Apple PR: There is one last thing… Would you like a copy of Logic Pro 7.2, our first Pro application to go Universal?

Me: I don’t know… I’m not sure I’m qualified to review a thousand dollar professional audio production package…

Apple PR: Then don’t review it. Just check it out on the MacBook Pro. We think you’ll be impressed.

Me: O.K., if you insist…

Why don’t I get calls like this?

Actually, someone from Apple did call for me a few weeks back but I couldn’t take the call and she never phoned back. It was probably just a sales call…

Anyway, the article goes on to describe Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus’ experiences with Logic Pro 7.2 and a MacBook Pro.

If nothing else it proves that the MacBook Pro is blazingly fast, particularly on optimised applications.

Continued below...

Let me talk for a moment about performance. Here’s the deal… the program ships with a bunch of sample songs, some of which are labeled “for G5 only.” These “G5 only” songs bring my PowerBook G4 1.25GHz to its knees; its poor processor just can’t keep up. And while the “G5 only” songs play properly on my Power Mac G5 (with two processors), they use every resource available and still hiccup occasionally as shown in Figure 1.

On the MacBook Pro, however, a “G5 only” song not only played smoothly, but it didn’t even come close to swamping both processor cores

Oh yes, and on Logic?

Well, I think he’s droolin’…

  • Guitar Amp Pro
  • Sculpture ‘Component Modelling Synthesiser’
  • Ultrabeat Plugin
  • ES1 virtual analog synth
  • EVP88 piano synth

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