Long live the piano: why synths will never replace it 1

Grand pianoRay Orrock reflects upon the words of pianist Peter Nero who said that the piano may be ‘on the way out’.

Whilst synths and even digital pianos are less expensive, there’s nothing to wholly match the sound, style, grandeur and allure of a real acoustic grand or upright piano.

Ray makes some interesting points:

  • The synth is not romantic.
  • A piano is not just an instrument, it’s a mini-orchestra
  • Nothing lends a more elegant tone to a room than a baby grand sitting regally in the corner.
  • The design has stood the test of time, testament to its success.

He also has some more personal reasons for loving the piano: he attributes the piano’s help in him meeting his wife; he remembers parties around the piano, singing songs til the early hours of the morning.

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The synth is a fantastic invention of modern technology and in its own right is a fantastic music maker, but it will never replace the piano which has stood as a giant amongst instruments for centuries, and will continue to do so.

Long live the piano!

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