MatrixSynth: lots of cool pix and gear 1

MatrixSynth was kind enough to link to my link (!) of the Synth in a Month page, and so I decided to take a look at the site.

Not surprisingly I’ve visited pages on the site before, when they’ve come up on my synth searches.

There’s a lot of very cool stuff there. For a start, the site is light green on black – so it’s got to be a tech site, right?

There’s also lots of cool pictures of synths and other assorted goodies, and now you can even get a Matrixsynth T-shirt!

Continued below...

Here at P&S we’re not nearly as synth-y yet – certainly not on the old, retro, cool stuff. This site, and others like it, is quite an inspiration to us.

Heck, there’s even synths on there that don’t have a keyboard – gasp! 😉

Seriously, go check it out.

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