Maybe a time not to use synthesisers

Gary writes I Hate Synthesizers

Here’s why:

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see, i’ve been browsing thru my old cd collection, and i come upon that grand 80s musical, Les Miserables. and i’m like “cool! i remember Les Miz having wonderful music! and i throw it in the old cd player. so, it DOES have wonderful music….in concept. the melodies are lovely, the emotions beautiful, BUT (being the 80s musical it is) THEY HAVE TO USE A GODDAM SYNTHENSIZER!!!! example: “Do you Hear the People Sing?” is a very good, recognizable song, but here’s how the music starts:

bum bum bum bum “do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men…”

can you guess what the bum is? yes, its a synthesized organ-piano sound (but mostly shitty sound), framed by a cautious drum and the whispers of a cello. i mean… they’re smart enough to use a cello (cellos have one of the most pleasant sounds in the orchestra), why do they have to use a synthesizer??? synthesizers stand out like a sore thumb, are an artificial, hollow sound, and are generally displeasing. i mean, if they wanted to use a piano SOUND then they could have just used a damn piano. or they could have done more with that drum they’ve got sitting there. ikh.

a full organic orchestra has a beautiful resonance. each instrument is emotional, and full. synthesizers are empty and cheap.

feel free to interpet this as a metaphor for life.