Mellotron comes to iPad with launch of Mellotronics M3000 HD 1

I know we are going to see some incredible soft synths, emulators and simulators coming to the iPad over time, given its screen real estate and immense portability, and one of the first is Streetly Electronics’ and Omenie’s software implementation of the great Mellotron.

Mellotronics M3000 HD features 13 voices sampled directly from Streetly Electronics’ production tapes — those very same as used in classic tracks such as Strawberry Fields Forever, Nights in White Satin and Watcher of the Skies.

All 35 notes of each set have been sampled, and all keys are visible on screen and fully playable. There’s even a dozen programmable chord pads. See the demo video below for how these are used to good effect.

Martin Smith of Streetly Electronics, says “I was amazed to hear our classic sounds coming out of the iPad. This is the truest, most playable digital mellotron for iPhone OS, and it has to be heard to be believed.”

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Apparently a version for the iPod Touch and iPhone is also in development, though I think it would be rather a struggle to play efficiently on such a small screen. You’d either need to select which keys to display on screen or perhaps use a stylus. Fat fingers beware.

The iPad version will be available from Monday 14 June priced $11.99. I’ll update with a link when it goes live in the App Store.


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  • Pat

    Been using Ellatron since it first came out, kinda feel like a chump as it’s basically rendered quite obsolete by this new development. Would’ve been nice to get some kind of discount on the M3000 HD for Ellatron early adopters/owners!

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