Mom’s memory spurs creation of Miracle of Music Fund

Thousands of dollars are available for area school kids to further cultivate their love of music. All that is required is a little effort on the part of an educator or an organization’s music director.

If you’ve ever held someone through the death experience, startling things can linger. The heart can suddenly beat a couple of times and then go quiet again, the body remains warm much longer than you’d think, even a breath can be exhaled minutes after vital life signs have vanished.

It’s a startling experience and can make you think that maybe life is starting back up. When you love someone and they’re gone, you tend to hold onto these things, their smell, favorite clothing, things that seem to hold their essence for you. They are treasures.

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So here’s the deal – there is money on the table, just waiting for the right kids to start tickling the ivories. This is the first time around for the fund, with the deadline “basically the end of the month but, really the end of the school year,” Swalwell said. So time is of the essence.

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