Music for Airports by Bang On A Can

Brian Eno’s Music for Airports became a cult classic since its conception in 1978, and New York’s ‘Bang On A Can‘ decided to create a version that could be performed live.

The idea to do ”Music for Airports” came from Michael Gordon, one of Bang on a Can’s composers.

”Eno’s music was carefully crafted, but his intention was to create something that would remain in the background,” Gordon said. ”In that respect, he failed — the music is more interesting than that.”

MIT’s Evan Ziporyn, composer and clarinetist, recalled that after the first live performance, in New York’s Lincoln Center, someone came up to him and said he had listened to the album every night for three years.

Artists in other fields were particularly attracted to the record. Composer David Lang remembered, ”It was on the heavy rotation list in every painter’s studio — you could listen to it and still keep working.”

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