Musicards website helps with piano and music theory

Music CardsDo you need to brush up on your music theory? Do you want to more quickly identify notes, intervals, chords, piano notes and key signatures?

If so, the Musicards website could be for you.

It’s a set of online flashcards mainly aimed at keyboard players.

It features:

  • Note names
  • Key signatures
  • Intervals
  • Triads
  • Piano note names
  • Reading piano notes

It also has a couple of features for guitarists.

This site is cleanly laid out and provides a good range of options for each type of test.

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For example, elect to test yourself on triads (chords with three notes) and you will be given a random selection of eight on-screen flashcards of chords written on a stave. You can choose to view major and minor triads, in a variety of keys, on one or both clefs.

Or, on the ‘reading piano notes’ test, you see a virtual keyboard and have to visualise the position of the notes displayed on the cards. When you click on the card, the note is highlighted on the keyboard.

This is a nice site. The only couple of annoyances I had is that the large keyboards don’t mark where Middle C is, and on a smaller display the page can jump about when clicking on cards that need to display a note on the keyboard.

However, this is a really useful site that’s well worth visiting from time to time, whether you are a beginner or advanced musician. We could all do better on music theory.

Take a look at Musicards.