New DVD teaches chord structure and improvisation

Most people learn to play the piano by learning to sight read the written music. Playing by written music is exactly what the phrase says it is — playing the exact notation on a piece of sheet music. But playing by chord symbol is very different. Instead of following the harmony note by note, the musician follows the chord symbols (i.e. C7 or F) written above the harmonies, filling in the gaps with their own improvisations, fills, or runs.

So begins the press release for Keyboard Workshop’s new DVD course: “How To Play More Piano Notes Without Reading More Notes”

By learning more about chord structures and improvisation, a pianist can be spared the ’embarrassment’ of gusts of wind taking all their printed music away.

The press releaase itself starts to describe chord notation, though of course it’s encouraging you to buy the DVD.

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Read the full press release: Keyboard Workshop has announced the release of a new DVD course titled How To Play More Piano Notes Without Reading More Notes