New to synths? Roland SH-201 makes learning fun

Roland SH-201

Roland showcased their latest synthesizer at the NAMM 2006 show.

Due for release in July, this instrument is targeting less experienced synth musicians.

Roland describe it as “the most friendly and fun analog-modeling instrument on the market”

It features two “beefy” analog-modelling oscillators, some of Roland’s proprietary waveforms, effects and arpeggiators.

External sound sources can be plugged in and independently routed, then mixed with the synth’s onboard voices, creating many possibilities.

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And, for added fun and ‘show-off’ status, try the infra-red D beam. Hours of fun waving your hands over it and creating bizarre modulation effects (I want one)

It’s lay out is ‘no-nonsense’ – moving left-to-right through oscillators, mixers, filters, amp, and effects. There are no hidden menus to confuse.

It is also VSTi compatible, meaning that sounds can be edited and synchronised with a variety of computer-based sequencer/synth packages.

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