New Year feature: Monthly composition meme

I’ve been mulling over a new feature for the Piano and Synth site for a few weeks now.

I’d like to set up a monthly ‘composition meme’ (working title) in which readers are free to submit MIDI / MP3 / musical scores, or links to them, based on a criteria I set each month.

So, I might ask for a 30-second piece of music, or provide a set of chord progressions, or ask for music in a particular key, or with a certain musical phrase.

People then compose and record a piece of music inspired by that theme.

Continued below...

The incentive? Well, no prizes (yet), but some fun, community, and a nice acknowledgement and link to their website.

Files could either be locally stored here or linked to.

What do you think of this as an idea? Would you take part?