iPhone synthesiser software coming to App Store

The iPhone is one very cool phone, and thanks to the recent addition of third-party applications, there’s some pretty nifty software coming out for it.

I must admit, though, that I’d not considered the iPhone being used for any serious synth work / music creation. Yes, there are applications that let you play a virtual keyboard or guitar, or build up basic four-part tracks from preset loops, but sounds like one of the first dedicated bits of synth software for Apple’s handset.

Technabob reports that Amidio will release the software on the 25th August. This full-featured sound synthesiser uses Enhanced Subspace Frequency Modulation (ESFM), and features a unique multi-touch interface (as you might expect from any self-respecting iPhone app) which lets the user manipulate every aspect of the created sound.


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The software should include a sequencer, audio effects, plus 81 sound presets and a preset editor. As it will only cost $6.99 (about £4) when released, I’m tempted to give it a go. It’s probably going to be best suited to dance-style music, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now, what other music and synth apps will be developed for the iPhone? How about a soft Tenori-On? 🙂

(Via Technabob)