Osorio plays Spanish piano music

Channing Gray writes a review over at Projo.com about Federico Osorio who played a selection of Spanish and German piano music at the Newport Music Festival.

Osorio, a balding man in a business suit, opened his program with three sonatas by the Spanish Baroque composer Padre Antonio Soler, ticklish little pieces that require fleet fingers, a delicate touch, and sound an awful lot like the one-movement sonatas of Scarlatti. Osorio had to scramble at one point, when the music almost ran away from him. But otherwise these were flawless readings that were full of charm and grace.

The only drawback was the overly live sound, which either came from the hall, or a heavy pedal foot. At times the playing sounded muddy.

But Osorio’s real gift is with the Spanish romantics. The set of Spanish dances by Granados, especially the dreamy Chopin-esque second one, were delicious, full of elegance and warmth. The third one had a sort of left-hand figure that sounded like a strumming guitar.

The big offering on the program was the eight-movement Spanish Suite by Isaac Albeniz, a work of many moods and colors. Osorio put lots of kick in the jazzy opening, then dropped back into an atmospheric reading of the second movement, one that takes its cue from Debussy.

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