Piano chords and scales online

If you ever struggle to remember the notes, intervals and fingering of musical chords and scales on keyboard instruments, then the Piano Room could be your online answer.

Piano Room screenshot

With a clear and uncluttered layout, it’s possible to select a large variety of chords with any root note, or a number of scales, from the ordinary to the exotic.

It’s not possible to see chords with a different inversion, but this isn’t a major flaw.

If your PC has MIDI capability, you can play the individual notes and complete chord with a variety of General MIDI sounds.

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The lower window gives detailed information about the chord, such as alternative names, the note intervals, half-steps, and actual notes.

The keyboard image, showing dots for the chords and scales in real time, is clear.

A simple site that does exactly what it’s supposed to. Recommended.