Planet Earth sound library released on ‘pay what you want’ model

Plenty of bands have released albums on the “pay what you want” or “pay what you think it’s worth” download model, and now Camel Audio is doing the same with its Planet Earth sound library.

As an incentive to dip into your pocket, 50% of anything spent on the product will be donated to the Friends of the Earth environmental charity.

planet earth sound librarySoundwise, Planet Earth is jammed with jungle soundscapes and tribal rhythms, industrial basses and warped machines. From ancient ritual to glimpses of alternate futures, it offers a world of new sounds for modern electronica, ambient and dance, yet manages to be both warm, lush, light and airy, as well as dark, dramatic and icy, just like Planet Earth itself.

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Featuring gamelan bowls and oriental bells, bamboo bongos, glass instruments, mechanical pianos, electronic and vocal drones, Planet Earth features 320MB of new samples, including rich pads, ethnic loops, inventive soundscapes, powerful electronic basses as well as synthesisers and broken machines. It was created by a talented team of sound designers from around the globe.

Planet Earth sound sample library