Polite call for donations

If you enjoy or find useful the Piano & Synth site, would you please consider donating a little to my “Digital Piano Fund”?

Donations will shorten the time it takes for me to be able to purchase a Yamaha P140 digital stage piano, and finally satisfy my cravings for a (near as) real piano experience again.

I grew up in a house with an upright acoustic piano, and took lessons on several baby grand pianos. I have tinkered on a number of other acoustic and digital pianos, and now I want my own.

There’s no way I can afford or find room for an acoustic piano, so a well-crafted digital offering from Yamaha is the way to go.

I was practically drooling in the showroom yesterday when I played it, though I’m sure the price tag staring back at me was sniggering…

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I can find it online for a couple of hundred pounds less than the RRP, but it’s still a serious investment (I’m not rich). I’d love to have it in situ by early summer.

Naturally I’m saving for it and finding other ways of raising the money, but any spare dollars you have that could filter themselves into my PayPal account would be greatly appreciated. You’ll even get a special mention.

You’ll find the donation button at the top-right of every page, together with my target.

Thanks for your consideration. Now please continue enjoying the site.