Preschoolers get iPhone music app that teaches them keyboard skills 2

You know how much kids of all ages love to experiment with new toys, and how they are often irresistibly drawn to shiny technology like the iPhone and iPad. Well, to ensure they’re learning a whole host of things — including basic music reading and keyboard skills — while they’re having fun, we have the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Preschool Storybook Piano app, launched today on the iTunes App Store.

Full of cute, colourful characters, musical notation and a keyboard, the app lets young kids begin to learn how to read music from a stave and play the keyboard using well-known nursery rhyme songs.

Key features:

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  • Watch the story unfold and hear the song being sung
  • Press the start button and sing along
  • Record and hear their own voice
  • Select 7 different types of instruments and learn about the sounds they create
  • Add animal sounds to the song
  • Watch the piano keys light up one-by-one with the melody
  • Follow the lighted piano keys to play the song
  • Match the colorful music notes to the piano keys and play along
  • Sing and read karaoke-style lyrics in English, French and Spanish
  • Include their parents as they sing and read together
  • Increase their vocabulary and language awareness
  • Improve their auditory comprehension and listening skills

Available now priced $0.99 (59p). iTunes Link (Via)

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