Profile: Martin Leung equally at home with video game music as classics

Martin Leung playing piano backward

  • Martin Leung, a shy 19-year-old piano virtuoso with perfect pitch.
  • shows videos of him playing video game theme tunes blindfolded, or turned away from the piano.
  • His first video has been downloaded by around 40 million people.
  • He has played the Hollywood Bowl as part of Video Games Live.
  • “To me he is the modern-day Chopin or Lizst — Bach, Beethoven. He’s all of those guys wrapped up into one,” says composer Tommy Tallarico, who wrote the “Advent Rising” score. “He just happens to love video games.”
  • He will start a carefully-selected world tour so as not to interfere with his studies.
  • He could become a crossover success story: “I think he could make a huge name for himself by playing pieces on the piano that are pop-culturally significant, because all of us thirtysomethings grew up on this stuff,” says Tallarico. “And as great as Beethoven and Mozart are, a lot of times we’re more familiar with TV commercial jingles, movie soundtracks and the music from video games.

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