Rant: How hypocrisy and shallow mindedness is destroying positive web culture (and music)

I rarely rant on Piano & Synth, but a couple of articles have really riled me, and since they mention music (possibly in an attempt to gain a bit of popularity as I can’t see much specific reference to music) I felt compelled to mention it here.

The first “article” which made me mad was about Reason 4 shipping. Reason is a fine piece of software, so I am irritated (as I am sure the developers are — probably an understatement) when I read statements like “It is noted that some people still wish it had VSTs and Linux support, and of course audio recording.” after “Propellerhead Reason 4 Now Shipping (and available on bittorrent sites with a serial keygen).”

People, there’s usually a reason (ahem) why requested features don’t make it into a product, and illegal software downloads is one very big reason. Propellerhead Software are NOT Microsoft, and they don’t have the margins to absorb the impact of the illegal used of their software.

That wasn’t even the rant.

This is…

In an artlcle entitled Avoid the Destruction of Positive Web Culture (and your music) we’re “treated” to a tirade of abuse against a number of web sites and “corrupt people using the net starting as recently as 3-4 years ago”.

Apparently, the social bookmarking site DIGG has articles which are always “posted to make you fear or hate something even if its benign”. Apparently, Slashdot is a better alternative. The writer has obviously never read the tons of vitriolic abuse that the owners of websites featured on Slashdot have to put up with, or indeed the in-fighting in the comments section.

Google is apparently “barf inducing”, though I doubt the writer minds getting listed in the search engine.

Weblogs Inc is apparently “shit”, and apparently only focused on technology, even though when I looked at their home page I found a number of non-tech sites…

Continued below...

And so on.

All this “positivity” (ha ha ha) is supposed to encourage you to “Make music you really care about please. Don’t fall into the cultural contamination in the same way. Companies will come at you with corrupt tactics, marketing, and hype. They will make shitty electronics & software for you to buy. Information affects your brain forever. Pretty soon you could be thinking like them and make shitty music about it. To avoid all the BS in the world you just have to make your own path and don’t look back. Just express yourself, and don’t get hooked onto someone else’s crap.

Take your culture back and start making positive music again!!”

Yes, that indeed is the only part of the article supposedly about music. I wasn’t aware that I had begun to make negative music, though after reading that tirade I think I might just have to.

After all that, the author’s idea of “positive web culture” includes The Pirate Bay. Yes, folks, apparently it’s just A OK to go grabbing whatever content you like, for free, without caring one iota for the content owners. Woo. Yeah, that’s so positive, man.

Having ranted about all of that, I’ve noticed that a lot of the content of “The Chip Collection” is bordering on being a splog, lifted verbatim from other sites. Hypocritical? Yep.

Apologies that this article wasn’t really about music, but that really irritated me.