Review: Cakewalk Project 5 Version 2

Being a long time Windows PC based user, and having a love affair with songwriting and music composition, almost predicates that you are also a long-time Cakewalk user. Sure, there have been other products out there at higher and lower price points, but for the longest time the Average Joe didn’t have many choices in a price range that is attractive to the home recording enthusiast. After all, if you weren’t a Mac user but still wanted to write and record your own music – you were sort of out of luck.

Even back in 1995 when Cakewalk released Pro Audio, combining MIDI functionality with digital audio recording capabilities, there weren’t many players on the PC platform. You basically became a Cakewalk user out of necessity and whether you embraced the plethora of features and learning curve that many experienced or not, you had no choice but to take the time to study the program and familiarize yourself with it.

Fast forward 10 years and the landscape changes slightly. Although there are many players in this market space, there is still only one leader at a price point that’s so attractive to a broad base of professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts. Without taking advantage of the dominance that Cakewalk has enjoyed over the years, they’ve continued to improve upon and expand the toolset. The fascinating thing is, the product continues to get easier to use!

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