Review: Oleg Prodeus: The 13

Oleg Prodeus

Oleg Prodeus

Appropriately enough for Friday 13th, we’re pleased to promote Oleg Prodeus’s album “The 13”.

Although the album sits in the alternative pop/rock genre, it goes far deeper than that. It oozes class and depth, and so it should as it took the multi-instrumentalist Oleg three intensive years to complete.

Listen to each of the thirteen tracks and you’ll be sure to hear a rich diversity of synthetic textures, arpeggiations and distortions, yet all fitting perfectly within the overall mix.

Every track is highly listenable, at times featuring unexpected arrangements and melodies. Personal favourites include the opening track “Savior”, “Can You Feel the Rain”, “Do You Know the Way”, and “Last Hero In This Universe”.

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The 13 album cover

The 13 album cover

“The 13” is diverse in richness, yet fits together perfectly. There are elements of good pop, of eighties and nineties influences, electronic and acoustic, and great vocal presence. This is definitely an album worth exploring. James Moore from Independent Music Productions said that “The 13” was “highly recommended for fans of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Ours, Muse, and Sneaker Pimps.”

Check out every track on Oleg Prodeus’s web site and buy on iTunes, Bandcamp or Amazon.

Previously to “The 13”, singer/songwriter, producer, multimedia artist and filmmaker/director Oleg composed two other solo albums — “To The Sky” and “Collective Farm”, as well as composing and producing five songs for the film soundtrack of Pepe Danquart’s motion picture “C(r)ook“.

Check out Oleg’s YouTube channel for more music videos.