Review: XPress Keyboards soft synths bundles

Native Instruments has bundled “lite” versions of three of its popular soft synths in a new product called Xpress Keyboards , aimed at home users or anyone wanting to add selections from these outstanding keys to their virtual rack. It includes B4 Xpress , FM7 Xpress and Pro-53 Xpress , which are respectively, a Hammond-style B4 organ, an FM synthesizer and a Prophet 5-style synth.

The previously released full versions of PRO-53, B4 and FM7 soft synths are highly regarded for their vintage sounds and analog-style user controls that allow extensive modifications to the patches. Xpress Keyboards gives you some of the same patches from the full versions, with much more limited user controls. But at a street price of less than $100 (MSRP $119), this bundle is a great value, considering that the full versions cost hundreds of dollars each.

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