Rock Band 3 promises new keyboard controller and pro mode

rock band 3There’s a lot of talk around the Internet about the latest incarnation of Harmonix’s latest incarnation of Rock Band: Rock Band 3. You can read the full teaser post at the official web site, but what is probably of most interest to budding keyboard players is the introduction of a new two-octave keyboard controller in the game.

“In addition to the plastic guitars, bass, drums, and vocals you’re used to, now you can jam on a couple of new instruments. … For the first time ever you’ll also be able to play using a keyboard peripheral! The band has gotten bigger – playing with all available instruments, you and six friends can all rock at the same time. Rock Band parties will never be the same.”

Additionally, there’s a new pro mode which may well allow those wanting to learn to play a real instrument to start getting the basics.

Specifically “Pro Keys features pitch-accurate keyboard performance across a two-octave range, displayed on an easy-to-read keyboard track.”

Watch USA Today’s preview of Rock Band 3 below:

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More information about the pro mode and the 83 tracks coming to Rock Band 3 is due in the next few weeks.