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Roland adds new colour to C-330 Classic Organ

If you liked the idea of the Roland C-330 Classic Organ, introduced at NAMM’09, but wished it came in a different wood finish, your luck is in.

Roland has just announced that the C-330 is now available in a beautiful dark oak finish (C-330-DA) as well as the light oak original (C-330-LA).

The features are still as you’d expect:

  • Available in two beautiful wood finishes: dark oak (C-330-DA) and light oak (C-330-LA)
  • High-quality sound from the Rodgers/Roland library
  • Newly designed concave pedalboard and dual-manual tracker-action keyboard
  • Compact design, just 1,270mm (W) x 910mm (D) x 1,319mm (H) including music rest and pedalboard
  • RSS ambience system provides the grand reverberation of a cathedral
  • Compact satellite speakers reproduce the spatial depth of pipes emanating from the walls and ceiling
  • Instant switching between classical tunings, baroque pitch, etc.
  • Voice Pallets for each stop, from baroque to romantic
  • Built-in recorder for recording and storing performances

Perfect Pipes

Close your eyes, play, and you won’t believe that the lush, grand sound you’re hearing isn’t coming from cathedral pipes. With Rodgers highly acclaimed voice engine onboard, the C-330 offers gorgeous tone with highly flexible pipe-voicing capability, Windchest panning, and controls for Warmth, Presence, Chiff, and more. Every custom setting you make can be conveniently stored to USB memory.

Perfect Touch

Great sound is only half of the story. The C-330 is appointed with a newly designed dual manual tracker-action keyboard (61 keys) and parallel concave pedalboard (30 pedals). The result is an authentic pipe-organ feel, with a smooth, quiet action that’s both responsive and comfortable to play.

RSS Ambient Sound

The C-330 is equipped with a 4-channel digital amplifier and a patented RSS ambience engine for a rich, spatial sound. Hands-on controls are provided for instantly controlling the balance of the main speakers, the satellite speakers, and the reverb. With RSS technology, you can smoothly change the room size, wall type, and reverb depth to create the perfect ambience.

Versatile Practice & Performance

The C-330 can be used in a wide variety of environments, such as wedding parlors, churches, and concert halls, but it can also bring the joy of playing in a cathedral directly into your home. Play through the built-in speaker system for cathedral-like sound, use the external outputs to plug into a PA, or use headphones for private practice, giving you the ability to play day or night without disturbing the surrounding environment.