Roland announces Collection/Score Series for AT organs 1

roland_at900_organ.pngRoland has announced the availability of its Roland Collection Series/Score series for the AT Organs.

These new tools offer organ aficionados a quick and intuitive path to musical discovery and proficiency. Each DVD in the Roland Collection Series/Score Series is an anthology of musical pieces with visual aids that capture the performance styles of top players and arrangers.

The new series helps players master fingering techniques, facilitate casual playing, practice changing registration while playing or improve pedaling by simply observing the supplied video footage. Roland also included registration data on the bundled floppy disk as an aid for practice.

The Roland Collection Series includes Hector Olivera Organ Music Collection Vol. 1, and Tony Fenelon Organ Music Collection Vol. 2. The Roland Score Series is comprised of Organ Book Vol. 1 and Organ Book Vol. 2.

In addition to the titles above, Roland offers diverse lineup of songs, and many more titles are planned for the future.

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