Roland launches VIMA RK-300 recreational keyboard [NAMM09]

“Recreational keyboard” suggests to me some hybrid instrument that can not only function as a decent digital piano but also play back pre-recorded music and audio, thus making it more of an entertainment centre than a mere instrument.

That seems to be the thinking behind one of Roland’s latest keyboards, the VIMA RK-300 recreational keyboard.

Not only is it a fully-featured 88 note stereo-sampled digital piano, but it also comes with a huge range of other sounds including a backing band, can function as a karaoke machine by displaying lyrics and playing backing tracks, applying vocal effects, changing tempo and pitch, and even including anime visual effects, controllable via syncing to the music or via the D Beam.

Roland VIMA RK-300 recreational keyboard

It features 128 note polyphony, 330 tones, eight tuning types, a range of effects, USB reader and a range of connections. It can be fitted with an optional stand (KSC-48).

Pricing and availability to be confirmed.