Sante Auriti to demonstrate Steinway casemaking in New York City

For a fortnight from today, renowned Steinway & Sons casemaker and craftsman will be moving his workspace to the front window of the Steinway Hall in New York City for a unique exhibition of Steinway craftsmanship.

Though each handmade Steinway piano takes a year to complete, this demonstration will show Sante fitting the braces, fitting and gluing the case mouldings, rough carving the bottom edge of the rim and fitting the legs of a new Steinway Louis XV (Model 501A) grand piano.

“The mission of Steinway & Sons founder Henry E. Steinway was to build the best piano possible,” said Dan Miceli, Senior Director of Retail Sales for Steinway & Sons. “We have always been committed to maintaining the talent, diligence and tradition of expert workmanship unique to the Steinway family of piano builders, and having Sante showcase his craft will be an exciting and fascinating exhibition.”

Auriti, a native of Italy, emigrated to the United States in 1979 and started his career with Steinway & Sons. During his illustrious 30-year career he has worked at Steinway as machine operator and soundboard specialist, but his current position of casemaker charges him with the responsibility of crafting one of Steinway’s most exclusive and beautiful pianos. Auriti’s career has been documented in many national and international reviews.

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“One of the most fascinating things about Steinway pianos is the process through which they are created,” said Todd Sanders, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steinway & Sons. “This is a rare glimpse behind the curtain to see that artistry in action. Sante’s hands are pure magic. I’m so glad we’re going to share this experience with the community.”