Schoenhut toy piano antique snapped up at flea mall 1

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Schoenhut toy piano

“The Black Apple” (I don’t know her name) chanced upon an antique (at least, I presume so) toy piano.

Though she doesn’t say much about it, close inspection of the photo suggests it’s an early two-octave model by Schoenhut. I admit to not knowing much about toy pianos. The closest current model it resembles might be the Model 6625 Schoenhut Traditional Spinet, available in black, white, red, mahogany, and mahogany/black.

Apparently, all the keys on this find work, and there’s something rather endearing about the state it’s in. Perfect it is not, but if it works, and you love that kind of thing, then it’s worth picking up.

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If anyone knows what this “model” is, do let me know in the comments. Nice find.

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Schoenhut toy piano

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