Simple note-reading game with Pianomus Platypus

I just found’s Piano Player page which offers a simple note-reading/playing game aimed primarily at children but useful for all levels (if you can stand the bright pink background and Pianomus Platypus character).

Actually, that makes it sound annoying, but it’s not really.

There are four levels of play, ranging from ‘Beginner’, where one octave of a piano keyboard is drawn with note names, to ‘Virtuoso’ which features four octaves and no note names displayed.

Continued below...

It would be nice to mark which ‘C’ is middle C, as it’s quite important on the large octave games. It might also be nice to have the option of hearing the note.

Nevertheless, it’s a simple game that could prove useful for piano/keyboard players just starting out and reading music. And there look to be plenty of other educational games at the site too.