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The Vintage Synth Explorer is an ever-growing source of reviews, images, sound bytes and links for over 500 popular vintage synthesizers and samplers including many brand new hardware and software synths!

More than 80 makes are represented including legends from ARP, Korg, Moog, Oberheim, Roland and Sequential Circuits as well as current cutting-edge companies Access, Arturia, Clavia, Native Instruments, Novation and more.

The site features forums, classifieds, a useful ‘Synth Finder’ feature, a timeline of synth development, and links to manufacturers and developers. A very extensive, useful, community site.

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One thought on “Site: Vintage Synth Explorer

  • Rob

    Analog synths will always hold a special place in the hearts of keyboard players who have been around since the 70’s. The younger cats love them too, but perhaps don’t have the same appreciation since they weren’t around during the transition to the digital age.

    The Vintage Synth Explorer is a fantastic website and unbelievably broad and complete in it’s scope, products and information.

    Well done site for us synthesizer freaks.

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