Sponsored Post: Review of EZ-Tracks: Gospel

Since this review was first published, EZ-Tracks appears to have gone offline. We have therefore removed the links to the site. If you are the owner and wish to reinstate them, please contact us.

This is a review of EZ-Tracks Gospel, though this is just a subsection of the EZ-Tracks online music service as a whole.

EZ-Tracks promises to allow users to “download and listen to music carefree” and is 100% legal because it is supported by advertising. Herein lies the problem, though it depends on how you like to use the Internet.

Signing up for the service highlights the issue. I was forced to click through around four product advertisements before I could finish registering for the service and listening or downloading to music. Often, whole page adverts interrupt the download or preview process. While this is understandable, given that this is the only way for the service to generate revenue to cover royalties, it becomes rather annoying after a time.

The music itself is of variable, but generally acceptable, quality. MP3 files seem to be encoded at 128kbps, which is far from the highest quality available online, but not bad for a “free� service. There appears to be no DRM (copy protection) on the files, either, which is a blessing.

A few gospel tracks I downloaded suffered from poor vocal reproduction, particularly on sibilants, but this could have been a fault of the original recording rather than the encoding.

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Sometimes, the 30-second sample of each song failed to load first time, at least on Safari on a Mac.

Users seem to get about 100 free song downloads upon signing up. To get more, users need to sign up for various deals offered by advertisers. This has the disadvantage that one could end up on a number of emailing lists.

EZ-Tracks seems to do what it was designed to do, but whether you’ll be able to bear the ads is up to you. Personally, I find it very difficult to use web sites and services with lots of advertising, and I’d prefer to see the option of paying a monthly fee to avoid the ads and get a download quota. Then again, there are plenty of other online music services which do this.

EZ-Tracks claims 30,000 music tracks, including a number of current popular hits, though to get at them all you’ll probably need to view a lot of ads.

EZ-Tracks.com [defunct?]