Steinway shows off limited edition grand piano 3

Last month, Steinway announced the production of just 115 limited edition “William E Steinway” grand pianos.

The piano features a carved music desk featuring elegant scrollwork and the Steinway lyre, as well as a representation of the twelve coats of arms of the royal families around the world who own a Steinway piano, ebony or East Indian rosewood, and amazing sound and touch.

“The William E. Steinway Limited Edition is an instrument of incomparable beauty and history,” said Todd Sanders, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steinway. “It’s clearly a nod to the meticulous decorative craftsmanship of the Victorian era when the piano was originally produced. But it’s also an instrument that will become a beloved family treasure for generations to come. It’s truly one of the most exciting pianos I’ve ever seen.”

William E Steinway limited edition grand piano

William E Steinway was the second president of Steinway & Sons and served the company from 1876 until 1896. One of the great industrialists and visionaries of his era, he was responsible for building the company town, Steinway Village, in 1870. He also founded the Daimler Motor Company on Long Island and headed the Subway Commission which planned the New York City subway system.


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