Synth expert explains his top five softsynths

Jim Aikin, author of Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming, lists his five favourite softsynths.

He introduces his article:

Six or seven years ago, there just about wasn’t any such thing as a software synthesizer. Crafting a synth arrangement required routing MIDI and audio cables and searching through LCD patch lists in a rack of hardware. Today I can (and generally do) work straight through from my initial musical inspiration to the final tweaks in the mix without ever leaving the computer screen or switching on a hardware synth, except to use the weighted-action keyboard on my ancient Korg 01/W ProX.

He then goes on to list his favourites, from manufacturers Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Steinberg, Image-Line and Camel Audio.

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The article begins by explaining basic synth jargon, moves through the five softsynths, and then finishes with some short examples (in MP3 format) that Jim has put together to demonstrate the software.

Read the full article: My Five Favorite Soft Synths.