Updated for 2021. Are you looking for a music keyboard for your child? Read our guide: Choosing Your Child’s Keyboard Instrument Here are my ten recommendations of piano books for kids. They will help your child learn how to play the piano and keyboard, including identifying and playing notes and […]

10 books to help your child learn to play piano ...

Christmas Carols & Songs Sheet Music Free Downloads Check out our complete series on mastering Christmas songs on Piano and Keyboard. Click on any of the music scores to view/print higher resolution versions A very popular Christmas song is “Jingle Bells“. Here’s how to play a simple arrangement of it. […]

Jingle Bells: Mastering Christmas Songs on the Piano and Keyboard

Our guide on how to label and write notes on the piano keyboard is great for older children and adults who don’t yet wish to learn traditional musical notation, but it may still be too complicated for much younger children. Introduction If you are keen to teach your toddler or […]

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April 2017: Massive Update in this brand new article: Choosing Your Child’s (First) Keyboard Instrument. Check it out! Updated 10th August 2013 The keyboard buyers’ guide I wrote a couple of years ago stands as a good introduction to buying a keyboard instrument for adults. In this feature I will […]

My First Keyboard: Buying a child’s first electronic keyboard instrument