The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B book reviewed at All About Jazz

hammondorgan.jpgAll About Jazz have reviewed The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B:

Vail includes enough technical information about the development of the Hammond’s electrical engineering—shunting resistors, lowpass filters, inductor-capacitors, etc & etc—to satisfy even the most hard-core techno-geek, and more than enough to make the eyes of many other readers glaze over somewhat. Thankfully, most of it is dumbed-down into layperson’s language. For example, readers learn (if they didn’t already know) the difference between tremolo (a pulsation of loudness) and vibrato (a rapid variation in pitch). The what and the why of the “chorus� effect (or what synthesizer players now call “detune�) is also explained; a blending of slightly flat and sharp tones, it was a necessary retrofit because the musical tones produced by Hammond, designed as a cheap replacement for the pipe organ, were too “perfect.�

Other distinctive features of the inimitable Hammond sound, including loudness robbing, key click, percussion and spring reverb, are also explained in accessible terminology.


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