The Piano Guys “Don’t You Worry Child” sees most challenging piano move yet

Utah-based band The Piano Guys have just released their latest self-made music video “Don’t You Worry Child (Khushnuma)”, featuring Indian vocalist Shweta Subram.

It was filmed in “Little Sahara”, a desert sand dune in central Utah known for its soft white sand and beautiful Indian temple.

The Piano Guys are keen to incorporate ethnic sounds into their musical arrangements. This keeps their music fresh and broadens its style.

“Her voice depicts an Indian classical vibe while still being completely accessible,” says Steven Sharpe Nelson. Shweta was also involved in selecting Hindi lyrics from a traditional Hindi prayer for the arrangement. The alternative title “Khushnuma” means “happiness” and “no worries.”

The Piano Guys worked at recreating the tonal qualities of such instruments as the pungi flute, the pitched tabla drum, and the sitar with steel, wood, carbon fiber, and electric cellos.

“Shweta’s vocals completed the song, giving the whole arrangement an authenticity and refined beauty,” added Nelson.

Check out the video below. The track is available to buy on iTunes.