The power of practice

The Age has published a useful article relevant to all musicians, particularly performing ones. Advice includes:

  • Ensure you know the technical work, exercises and correct pieces to be performed, particularly for examinations.
  • Check any special instructions and requirements for tests such as sight-reading, aural tests, transposition and general knowledge.
  • Take time during a performance to check your instrument (not retune it!)
  • Check you can play from memory without reference to a printed copy, if needed to.
  • If you have the choice between a grand and an upright piano, play the one you are most used to practicing on.
  • During practice, warm up with technical exercises, then work on any difficult passages in the pieces you are learning, slowly at first and then gradually up to performance speed.
  • Perform in public when you can, as this helps to reduce nerves and build confidence playing in front of other people.
  • Don’t neglect expression, rhythm and musical phrasing.
  • Be confident!

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