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When you are considering purchasing a digital piano or keyboard there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you are buying the right instrument to suit your needs. Do some research and make a list of your requirements, as well as deciding on your budget, before you start shopping for your piano keyboard or digital piano. You don’t want to buy something and then find it doesn’t meet your needs, but at the same time there is little point in paying for high tech features that you won’t use.

The first question might be how many keys do you need? The greatest number of piano keys available is 88, the least around 25. If you are purely using a keyboard for sampling, requiring only a small range, a lesser number of keys on a mini keyboard will do the job. If you are playing complicated piano pieces, however, you will need a higher number of keys. You may think you only need 61 or 76 keys for your current playing level, but perhaps the complexity of your playing may increase and so an 88 key instrument could be a good future invest

The second question might be whether your keyboard needs to have synth or weighted action. A keyboard with synth action has a lighter touch and is faster and easier to play. The feel and sound is very much of an electric instrument, so if this is the type of music you will be playing synth action will be for you.

If you are looking for the feel and sound of an acoustic piano, then a weighted action piano keyboard will be more suitable for you. These simulate the effects of a traditional piano, where the hammers become thicker and heavier as you move into the base area of the keyboard. Most quality keyboards and digital pianos will be available with this feature.

Another question would be whether an onboard sequencer is necessary on your keyboard. If you are already using a sequencer on your computer, you will not need to duplicate this with your keyboard; however it can be a valuable function if you are not using the keyboard in conjunction with a computer.

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Portability is a key factor when choosing your instrument. Will it be permanently located in your living room or will you be taking it to lessons or performance venues? Consider the weight of the instrument if you will need to carry it around with you, and also the durability of the materials and the carry case.

Finally you should check your requirements for velocity and aftertouch features. The better the velocity function on your keyboard, the more responsive the keys will be to varying degrees of pressure. The aftertouch function is necessary to deal with the control data that is produced when pressure is put on the keys after they have been pressed to the keyboard.

Once you know what you are looking for, you should identify some of the makes and models that meet you criteria and check out customer reviews to see which offers the best value and playing experience.

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