Tips On Buying Keyboards And Digital Pianos 2

This article has been removed because Mantius Cazaubon decided he no longer wanted to allow his articles to be published, sending us an abrupt and threatening takedown notice on 14 October 2013. We apologise for the inconvenience. If it’s any consolation, our keyboard buying guide is a very comprehensive resource.

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2 thoughts on “Tips On Buying Keyboards And Digital Pianos

  • Bruce

    Great article about buying a synth.
    I do mostly solo gigs(weddings,parties) and don’t like the heavy yamaha keyboards. Suggestions for a good piano sound synth?

    I use a Dx7 for a controller and an old emu piano module with great results.
    I want something more compact with less setup time.

  • Andy Post author

    I think you’ve hit the general nail on the head, so to speak. Using a good controller keyboard with a module is a great idea – if you find a keyboard you like the feel of, you can MIDI connect it to any module whose sounds you like. I am currently using a Novation synth as a controller for my trusty old Yamaha TG500 module. I love the Yamaha piano sounds. It’s not too compact though.

    When you say heavy keyboards, do you mean the overall weight or the weight of the keys? You can get 76-note synth-action keyboards, not sure about 88-noters. Anything without the inbuilt speakers and with a simulation of key weight will be less of an overall weight.

    Generally I rate Yamaha and Roland for best digitised acoustic piano sounds. I think you just have to try out some modules and see what responds best to your controller, and how it sounds.

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