Tori Amos live in Chicago: Positive Review

The Illinois Entertainer writes a positive review of Tori Amos’ concerts at the Millennium Park, Chicago.

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Yet even with these shortcomings, there’s still something remarkably engaging about listening to Amos sing stories throughout her highly ethereal repertoire. Even after a decade and a half making music, she remains unpredictable and ambitious despite many of her peers having long since fizzled. Even more amazing is the fact that Amos is putting on significantly different concerts each night of this tour. Rather than riding out rote song orders, she’s mixing, matching, adding, and subtracting each and every engagement, keeping diehards on the edges of their seats. And that dynamic, along with her aforementioned abilities to fill a place as sizable as Millennium Park, indicates a thriving future to go as far in any direction this songstress chooses to stroll.

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