Twelve Days of Christmas: Your Ultimate Gear List 3

Chrstmas Gifts

Forget drummers drumming, gold rings and partridges: this is the ultimate pianist/synth musicians dream list.

If someone offered to give you a different piece of musical equipment on each of the twelve days of Christmas, what would you choose, and why?

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Leave your 12-piece dream list in the comments below. I’ll be compiling the answers into a series of posts from Christmas Day onwards.

Update: The items can be music-related – they don’t all have to be synths and pianos. What would help you to create better music?

3 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas: Your Ultimate Gear List

  • HART

    Interesting question …

    My first item would be … a Sound Proof Music Room in my house so I can play, practice, experiment etc with music and not worry about waking up the family or neighbourhood.

    My second item would be (since this is all hypothetical anyway) a good Wireless system because there would be so much equipment and wiring in this sound proof room it would be a fire hazard!

    As for the rest, I’ll have to search more within this site for ideas.

  • HART


    I think my third item would definately be a good comfortable chair, although something like Maxwell Smart’s Chair/Desk/Car combo … with a fridge included, recliner, flat sidearms to comfortably put a keyboard ontop of, but not block the view of the killer computer (probably future item 6 :-D) .. Oh – it definately has to have one of those Mechanical wheelchair Directional moving Joystick attached, with a single cup coffee maker machine on the side.

    My fourth item would be Restaurant Size Pizza Oven with good ventilation on the other side of the room, and those um.. Pizza stone spatula’s that are 18″ wide to pull the pizza our of the oven. The ventilation could go out of the entire south-side wall of the house, which would be wall-to-wall view of the country side by the way. And, “NO” I wouldn’t bother having a place to make the homemade pizza’s .. I’d just send out for that. D’oh.

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