unrealBook: Music manuscript display app for iPad 2

After I finished yesterday’s 22 iPad Music Creation Apps feature, I stumbled across Aron Nelson’s blog and found his unrealBook for iPad app.

It’s the sort of app I’ve been thinking of for quite some time, but until now the only way to execute such a thing was to use a laptop / notebook — a bit unwieldy, even on the lighter models — or put up with the smaller screen of a PDA or iPhone.

With the iPad comes a much larger screen in a thinner body. Assuming you find something satisfactory to prop it up with, it becomes a great storage and display device for printed music manuscript and chord / lyric sheets.

It works with PDF files, so if you can get your music collection scanned in / saved in that format, you’re away. Fully alphabetised and indexed, it’s ready to go wherever you need to get hold of your music.

Version 1.2 includes text annotation, drawing with multiple pens, wireless methods (email, dropbox, URL download), hiding of toolbars, go menu enhancements, more responsive page turning, better zoom and more.

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It’s worth noting other music display apps are available for the iPad.


You might also consider Sheet Music Mobile, forScore and Music Reader for iPad.

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