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Waldorf discontinuing Pulse 2 analog synth

Waldorf has announced it will no longer be manufacturing the Pulse 2 analog synthesiser, first launched in 1995 and improved and relaunched due to popular demand in 2013.

Instruments come and go, and the time has come for Waldorf to concentrate on other projects rather than continue to make this cherished model.

Of course that doesn’t mean existing users and anyone wishing to snap up the last new models, or a s second-hand instrument, can’t still make great music with them. We also hope there will be spare parts and support—at least from third parties—for significant time to come.

Waldorf’s statement reads:

It’s always sad when we have to say goodbye to one of our favorite instruments. In this case we are talking about one of the best synthesizers that first saw the light of day in 1995 and has inspired many music producers and musicians to this day.

This device was one of the pioneers in the world of music production, offering many possibilities to create unique and innovative sounds. It has helped many artists to turn their musical visions into reality.

The fact that this synthesizer was reissued and improved in 2013 shows that it was and still is relevant and sought after after almost two decades later. Many users have requested that the unit be available again, and it has subsequently been updated with the latest technologies and features to offer even more possibilities.

We would also like to thank all the satisfied customers who use this device constantly and create great music with it.

The Pulse 2 can currently be had new for €576, while stocks last, shipped in the EU from Waldorf. Alternatively, other overseas customers will have to go to a local distributor.