WeeklyBeats: Create and share new music each week in 2014

Weekly Beats 2014

Weekly Beats 2014

Anyone looking for something to motivate them to creating music should head over to WeeklyBeats, a site dedicated to publishing original musical creations each and every week.

“Weeklybeats is a 52 week long music project in which artists compose and publicly release 1 song a week for the entire year. Starting December 30th 2013 GMT each participant will upload one finished composition per week. Any style of music or selection of instruments are welcomed and encouraged.”

Although the first week has officially ended, it’s not too late to sign up, then create and share your tracks for the next 51 weeks.

There are no limits on style, though the site does stipulate that the track must have been completed in the relevant week (though tracks based on previous ideas are fine, and I’m not sure how they can tell what’s an old or new track).

Each tracks should be over one minute in length, and can be released under one of three creative commons licences or a traditional copyright.

Pushing out a track a week might not be for everyone, but for procrastinating/perfectionist creatives (that’s everyone, right?) it might just spur you on to creating some great music. Give it a look, and let us know if you sign up for it.