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Are you passionate about pianos? Simply ecstatic about synths?

Would you like to write about keyboard instruments and music technology to a growing audience, and maybe earn some cash for doing it?

If so, then a position here at the Piano & Synth blog may be waiting for you!

Here’s the deal:

  • Write as often or as little as you like, on any subject related to pianos, keyboard instruments, computer-based music, synthesizers, pianists and synth musicians, composers, music theory and technique.
  • Get your writing on a site currently with a Google PageRank of 5, part of the growing Blue Fish Network of independent niche sites, and visited by around 100-150 unique visitors per day, plus feed subscribers, and growing.
  • Earn 100% AdSense revenue on your own article pages*.
  • Link to websites you own.
  • Add your own affiliate links**.
  • Help shape the ongoing direction of the Piano & Synth site.

*AdSense account required, unless by prior arrangement in which case a channel on our account will be created to track your earnings.
**Subject to approval and within appropriate content.

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If you are interested, please contact Andy Merrett with your name and at least two examples of articles on a relevant subject (min 200 words each).

I’ll make no promises that you’ll be accepted, but if you’re good and you’re passionate, then I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you in the future.

Update: Particularly after people who can share their experience with synths (inner workings, new, vintage, etc.) – my lack of expertise shows here and it would be cool to partner with one or more technical people.

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