Yamaha CLP-F01 Clavinova keyboard features and reviews 2

Yamaha introduces its stunning CLP-F01 Clavinova electric piano, a gorgeous-looking instrument following in a long line of Clavinova quality.

Yamaha CLP-F01 Clavinova

The all-important specifications:

  • 88 real-wood keys
  • Hard, medium, soft, and fixed touch sensitivity
  • Three-level AWM Stereo Sampling technology
  • 30 banks of sampled sounds
  • Sustain Sampling
  • Key-Off Sampling
  • 64 notes polyphony
  • 14 voices with 2 variations on each:
    • Grand Piano 1, 2, 3
    • Electric Piano 1, 2
    • Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Church Organ, Jazz Organ, Strings, Choir, Guitar/Clav, Wood Bass, Electric Bass
  • Effects: Reverb, Effect, Brilliance
  • Recording: Two tracks, three songs (max. 9400 notes)
  • Memory storage: Internal flash memory
  • Pedals: Damper (with half-pedal effect), Soft, Sostenuto
  • Amplification: 40 W x 2
  • Speaker system: 16 cm x 2, 5 cm x 2 (6-3/8″ x 2, 2″ x 2)
  • Available finishes: Polished orange, polished ebony, polished blue, polished red
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1427 mm x 400 mm x 995 mm
  • Weight: 71kg

Whilst it’s not always easy to tell how much doctoring of demonstration songs has taken place, the previews on the official website sound promising.

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  • Piano 1 is a bright and clear acoustic piano with a good dynamic range.
  • Piano 2 has an extra brightness/sparkle (some might say metallic) quality that provides enough variance from Piano 1 to stand out on its own
  • Electric Pianos 1 & 2 are fairly standard affairs (one clean, the other slightly distorted) that do the job. The demo appears to force a few notes which sound quite harsh, but this may be by design and will vary with playing style.
  • The Harpsichord is good, though the demo has a little too much reverb for my liking. On this and the organs, fixed keyboard velocity will be most useful.
  • Knowing that the full range of a pipe organ will never be achieved on a standard keyboard, the Yamaha does a convincing job of the ‘basics’.
  • The jazz organ is lively, but don’t go looking for the Wurlitzer.
  • The last five voices sound fairly good on the demo, but I suspect in reality will suffer the way most voices like these do on digital pianos. Playing a realistic guitar or bass on keys is not easy, and the choir sound will likely be of limited appeal.

Don’t expect to use the Clavinova as a sophisticated MIDI controller. It’s a digital piano of the highest quality in both sound and workmanship, and is just as important as a piece of furniture.

A worthy addition to the Clavinova range.

2 thoughts on “Yamaha CLP-F01 Clavinova keyboard features and reviews

  • Elnyr Polchow

    I bought an antique Chickering 9′ Grand piano furniture that already had a Clavinova CVP-50 installed in it. At the time I had a Victorian Restraunt and it was PERFECT for that situation as it did NOT need tuned E V E R.

    Now, the keyboard must have a short in it as while I was playing it yesterday, there was an ear piercing LOUD sound from the speaker system and it was as though I couldn’t let go, thus why I feel it is a short, perhaps only in the sound system, as the piano keys were working fine and giving the melody that I was playing.

    I had to lean away from the piano as I aimed my body toward the wall outlet to unplug that devil.

    Please give me a nearby maintenance or service person and telephone number to have it checked out. I was just getting ready to try to sell the beautiful instrument as I have to move to a smaller place due to a death in the family and the gorgious 9′ wood case with carved legs will not have the room. It is like a second funeral to get rid of her. So, I really need to get Clavinova CVP-50 repaired and SAFE to play in order to try to sell it.

    I originally bought it from Mike and C. A. House in Zanesville, When he looked at it last week, it would not perform the noise I had heard previously the month previous. He told me he would give me $1. for it and remove it from the living room if I wanted to do that. NOT!

    Please help me if you can. Just don’t send me back to Mike.

    Elnyr Polchow

  • Andy Post author

    Hi Elnyr,

    I’m afraid I’m no expert on this, but as you say it does sound as if it could be something electrical or in the amplification system. It would probably be very easy to fix but unfortunately these days many people won’t touch it. I will take a look into it when I can. When you say it was as if you couldn’t let go, are you saying you received an electric shock?

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