Yamaha i-UX1 iOS to MIDI instrument connector [NAMM13]

Cables and connectors aren’t particularly exciting, but they are essential particularly in the evolving world of music making using tablet PCs such as the Apple iPad.

Yamama i-UX1 USB MIDI iOS instrument cable

Yamama i-UX1 USB MIDI iOS instrument cable

To this end, Yamaha has introduced its i-UX1 MIDI interface cable that enables quick, easy, seamless connection between the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and MIDI instruments. Just plug it in, and the i-UX1 works with Core MIDI compatible iOS Applications.

This is the first cable that connects instruments that have USB MIDI (vs. regular 5-pin DIN MIDI) to iDevices. The i-UX1 works with the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

Following an intuitive setup process, the i-UX1 quickly expands the functions of Yamaha MIDI instruments, enabling players to easily launch Yamaha’s innovative Apps, such as Piano Diary and MusicSoft Manager. It also allows users to edit the sound of their instruments from the iPhone, or the larger display of the iPad.

Pricing and availability information to follow.